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Cartex - Vaneless Hanging Neck Fan

Cartex - Vaneless Hanging Neck Fan

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Product Specification

Colour : Multicolour

Electric fan design : Wearable Fan

Power Source : Battery Powered

Style : modern

Special Feature : Bladeless, Portable

Wattage : 1.2 Watts

Theme : Sport

Product Description

  • The neck fans rechargeable adopts the latest bladeless mini fan design, and uses a unique earphone design. Bladeless USB Mini Fan which has the advantage of not getting hair stuck compared with the traditional fan. The stylish neck fan the sweat-proof, dust-proof and comfortable earphone-shaped design fits your shoulders perfectly, leaving your hands free anywhere. 
  • The Vaneless Hanging Neck Fans Large capacity batteries provide 3-16 working hours duration (depending on different speeds). Convenient USB charge, only 4 Hrs to get it fully charged, no need to waste time waiting and use it again quickly.
  • The Vane less Hanging Neck Fans has low, medium and high wind speeds to choose from, and the required wind speed can be easily controlled by a button. To meet your different needs: 1. Low speed: quiet natural wind is very suitable for office, library, classroom and sleep time; 2. Medium speed: sweep away the sultry heat when going out on a hot summer day; 3. High speed: strong wind speed can make you cool down instantly after strenuous exercise.
  • The neck fan adopts a unique air outlet shape and design, 360-degree surround type, the wind is increased by 90%. And relative to the traditional neck hanging fan, can avoid uneven heat on the face and feel uncomfortable headache. The strong wind generated by air outlets around the neck will improve air circulation to accelerate perspiration so that you can cool down in three seconds.
  •  The small fan is ideal for personal cooling, indoor cooking, reading, watching sports, office, outdoor activities such as camping, traveling, hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, cycling, etc. Mini fan is compatible with computers, laptops and chargers with USB output. It only takes two hours to fully charge.

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