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Cartex - Mini EMS Butterfly Massager

Cartex - Mini EMS Butterfly Massager

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Product Specification 

Model Name : Electric Massager

Colour : Black 

Weight : 340 Gram

Power source : Battery 

Product Description

  • Batter In for :- Li-Po 3.7 200mah rechargeable battery ( Included)
  • 8 MODES & 19 STRENGTH LEVELS: Neck massager for cervical pain has 8 massage modes to choose from. It has 19 strength levels, users can simply adjust the levels using the + / - buttons on the device according to personal needs. Giving you the feeling of a real massage, and getting the effect of relieving fatigue. The recommended duration of use is 15 minutes each time.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USAGE BENIFITS: The body massager can not only relax your muscles but also improve blood flow, relieve muscle discomfort pain and fatigue, activate muscle pressure, achieve a soothing effect, effectively exercise muscles, and target loose adipose tissue (body fat). Massager machine for pain relief
  • DURABLE MATERIAL & SKIN FRIENDLY: Vibrating massager pad is made of PU material, which is soft, durable, long lasting, odor-free and skin-friendly and massage machine pad can be used for a long time. Body massage machine ‘s host is also equipped with quality material.
  • ADVANCED EMS TECHNOLOGY: Neck massager uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. Back massager transmits electrical impulses to your body which relives pain and fatigue. Perfect combination of traditional & high tech massage nursing. Adopting intelligent technology, massage technology and simulation of manual massage. Body massager for pain relief
  • COMFORTABLE & SELF ADHESIVE PADS: Our unique massager machine pad is self-adhesive and reusable, which is very convenient for you, once it is attached, it is not easy to fall off. Our mini massager pads have lower impedance, more even current distribution, and no hot spots, so they are more stimulating and comfortable, so you can relieve shoulder and neck pain without feeling uncomfortable.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE & EASY TO STORE: Butterfly massager is lightweight and is very convenient for storage. You can take EMS massager with you and relax your body anytime and anywhere. You can massage in the office, bedroom or wherever you want. Body massager machine can be easily put in a pocket or pouch and is very useful when traveling. You can also easily hide it under your clothes.

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